Advanced Microsoft Security & Compliance Solutions

Protect your organization's valuable assets and meet regulatory compliance standards in a digital world that is under rapid development.

Keep your organization secure and compliant while ensuring maximum productivity 

As the business world of today is digital more than ever, the vitality of a strong security posture must not be underestimated. The consequences of failing to recognize the importance can result in fatal loss of business-critical assets or trade secrets. Also, regulatory bodies place heavy importance on compliance in relation to GPDR rules and can lead to monetary fines and bad publicity if not in compliance. 

Security and Compliance should therefore always be integrated in the digital environment. If done correctly organizations can ensure high productivity while keeping critical data safe. Successful organizations gain clearly mapped visibility of its IT estate, which can be easily operationalized. Thereby compliance of end-users as well as overview of the threat landscape can be achieved with less workloads.

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The VENZO approach

At VENZO we believe in Zero Trust principles by Microsoft, and apply cutting edge technology to enforce them. We solve and deliver value for our customers at any level of complexity, and base them on our clients wishes combined with our consultants’ best practice experience. When we deliver solutions, we make sure that our clients can comfortably operationalize them. 

Infographic illustrating the Zero Trust reference architecture

VENZO has strong experience with working on complex security projects at the largest Danish companies and governmental organizations. VENZO has been named Microsoft Security Partner of the Year 2021 in Denmark.  


Compliance and Information Protection

Compliance and Information Protection is increasingly becoming a part of the global agenda for organizations. Most organizations produce a large amount of data on a daily basis, and are therefore exposed to fatal risks without an efficient compliance strategy in place. At VENZO, we offer tailored solutions created for your entire journey towards compliance. We can assist your organization whether you are at the start of the journey, or already have started the journey towards a sustainable compliance.

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Advanced Threat Protection

Stopping cyber attacks across modern platforms and systems has become an increasingly crucial task and priority for organizations, as the attacks are increasingly targeted, stealthy, and persistent. Advanced Threat Protection solutions from Microsoft take a proactive approach to security by identifying and eliminating advanced threats before data is compromised. At VENZO we offer complete ATP solution tailored to the risks and threats your organization experience and are exposed to.

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Identity and Access Management built with Microsoft technology

In a modern IT infrastructure, the firewall is no longer a viable security perimeter by its own. Users are more than ever working outside the office and therefore Identity & Access Management has become a crucial part of managing the IT security. At VENZO we believe that security and usability is paramount to the success of our customers. We design Identity & Access Management solutions with the mindset of strengthening security while allowing users to work flexible and unhindered.

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