The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic forced thousands of employees, in Denmark and around the globe, to work from home in the spring of 2020. In response to this, VENZO helped a Swiss mid-sized Pharma company better remote access when working from home.

The company was already planning an upgrade of the existing Remote Desktop Server (RDS) installation, but the pandemic accelerated the need for a virtualization solution that also existing users, working from home, could use to quickly, and easily, access internal company resources, including data and applications. Considering the urgency of the situation, the solution also needed to allow for fast and easy development and testing.


Our approach

VENZO IT Consulting recommended a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution. WVD allows users to access internal resources from anywhere, with an HTML5 browser, and can be implemented within a few days. WVD is easy to manage from anywhere, quick to develop, test, and deploy. It integrates easily with current management tools, supports Windows 10 multi-users sessions, and can entirely replace existing Citrix solutions. Finally, WVD is very cost effective, especially when using pooled desktops.

For all these reasons, the client chose to implement WVD to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 measures, but also as an improvement to their existing remote access infrastructure.


I was very satisfied with VENZO, and how they handled the project end-to-end. VENZO was very present from the start, and initiated discussions on possible solutions. In collaboration we found the best one.

– Principal Solutions Architect


The result

VENZO IT Consulting assisted the client’s team with the analysis, design, and implementation, ensuring continuous adaptation to new possibilities and challenges.

VENZO set up the Azure configuration from scratch (including the Azure tenant, Azure Active Directory, access to on-premises Active Directory, and creation of Azure Active Directory users), configured WVD (including resource groups, storage account, network, subnet, the WVD Server and Client App, WVD Tenant Creator, and a Provision Tenant in PowerShell), and created the virtual machines.

VENZO also created automated scripts to automate the process and provided the client with all the necessary operations documentation.


VENZO drove the project very professionally, leaving no loose ends at any time. The end-result was exactly as we hoped and envisioned it, and now our employees can work hassle-free from remote locations. I can recommend VENZO for similar projects.

– Principal Solutions Architect


Once implemented, the solution was handed over to the client’s external IT operator.
For more information about Windows Virtual Desktop by VENZO, please contact:


Søren Sönnichsen
IT Infrastructure Architect
+45 2843 9503