VENZO Azure Cost Tracker

Through dynamic visuals with live data, VENZO's managed service provides transparency into your Azure consumption distributed by any desired detail level.

How does your organization track your Azure cost & consumption?

IT Infrastructure is the backbone of digital transformation. The adoption of cloud has become widespread and is rapidly becoming the primary platform for innovation as it easily provides on-demand access to resources for applications and services. However, cloud-based infrastructure is priced based on usage, hence it can be difficult to calculate and plan for the monthly costs.

We provide transparency and bridge insights with strategy

VENZO’s Azure Consumption Analytics provides insight into your organization’s utilization of your Azure subscription and the associated costs. Through dynamic visuals with live data, we provide transparency into your Azure consumption distributed by projects, services, or departments. Our dashboards are designed based on human-centric data science design principles to ensure an overview in 10 sec., new insights and actions in 60 sec. and root-cause analysis in 600 sec.

We take you on a cost management journey where you will gain:

Cost overview

We provide your organization with visibility of the current Azure spending and usage, as well as help you link services to project and departments to place costs.

Cost transparency

Our service solve the transparency obstacles of multiple subscriptions and resource groups in Azure, and you can easily apply budget targets and alerts to manage your costs.

Cost allocation

Tagging Azure components and logically organizing them into a well-defined naming and metadata convention ensures a common taxonomy within your organization.

Cost optimization

Easily conduct service analysis which allow you to optimize infrastructure usage through alterations, downscaling, or removal of existing resources.

Case Story

Cloud IT infrastructure transparency for a pharmaceutical company

The journey with the pharmaceutical company began when the company was lacking overview of their Microsoft Azure costs. When VENZO's implementation and handover of Azure Cost Management had finished, the company had gained overview of the needed transparency to the management group.

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