The challenge

The company struggled to get the needed overview of what drove the cost of Microsoft Azure usage, making them understand which initiatives, departments etc. were accountable for the cost. As the IT department being the central actor is this transformation, they lacked a tool to communicate the increased costs to the management group.

What we did

  • Conducted an in-dept analysis of what data were available in the Azure platform, creating a scope for the solution.
  • Developed one report with multiple layers to get an overview, deeper understanding and root cause analysis of cost development.
  • Assisted in Azure governance to enrich the data from Azure.
  • Supported the cloud first journey with a tool as the backbone to control costs.


The pharmaceutical company managed to get an overview, transparency, and root cause analysis all in one report, communicating to several stakeholders with one source of communication. Additionally, they are able to understand and estimate cost of new projects and initiative during the planning process.

MS Technologies used: 

  • Power BI
  • Blob Storage
  • PowerShell
  • Data Factory
  • Azure SQL

For more information about Azure Cost Management by VENZO, please contact

Søren Anderberg
Partner, Managing Director
+45 2029 4673