Azure Infrastructure Migration

We analyze your environment, evaluate your readiness, recommend a targeted strategy and, lastly, migrate in phases to ensure minimal disruption and reduce risks.

Are you ready to take advantage of the cloud?

Bringing server infrastructures to the cloud is an important part of modernizing your organization and preparing for future scope and scale. Companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of migrating their workloads to the cloud, and taking advantage of all the benefits and opportunities it entails.

In our experience, companies who move to the cloud achieve these top benefits:

  • Save money by avoiding hardware and maintenance expenses for an on-premises data center
  • Only pay for the cloud capacity used in Azure through Microsoft’s flexible pay-as-you-go model
  • Access and protect workloads across locations, both when working remotely and at the office.
  • Become more energy efficient and sustainable by moving to Microsoft’s sustainable data centers
  • Scale applications and workloads on demand to respond to change in needs and wants

Let us facilitate a smooth and successful migration

We engage in both full and partial cloud transition projects, and work closely with our customers to define the best way to enter or move further into the cloud. Whether you want a hybrid on-premises/cloud environment or seek a 100% cloud strategy, we ensure a smooth transition, and advice you on other essential aspects such as cost optimization and governance.

VENZO have moved data to the Cloud for many years and for some of the largest organizations. As such, we have experience from various, complex environments, and with security in our DNA, we always incorporate the optimal security standards. Our approach follow four phases:

Understanding current setup and future needs

We assess your current infrastructure to discover its quality, whether it follows the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), and investigate the design of the technical environment and your application usage. In that way, we can decide what it takes to move it to the cloud.

Advisory of Azure migration

Once the specific workloads have been identified for cloud migration, we create a road-map including priority and mapping of your servers based on CAF. This results in a migration plan including workload-specific transformation and migration strategies.

Establishing a landing zone

We will either build a new landing zone to migrate everything to or modify your existing environment, if needed. The final technical implementation is based on the assessment, your organizational goals and Microsoft's best-practice approaches.

Performing a phased migration

We perform the migration in phases designed to your specific infrastructure to reduce risks and secure business continuity in the process. Afterwards, we help you get the most of the many new opportunities that are enabled by your new, cloud-based infrastructure.

New to the cloud?

Learn more about the benefits of moving to the Azure cloud in the below.

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