Compliance and Information Protection

In today's digital society, it is essential that organizations know their data, protect it, prevent data loss and govern their data. VENZO's end-to-end services help you accomplish and anchor these practices in your organization.

Are you struggling with all the compliance options?

Compliance and Information Protection is increasingly becoming part of the global agenda for organizations. However, it has not always been a priority for many. Therefore, organizations struggle with deciding the starting point and operationalizing compliance policies. Most organizations produce and compile vast amounts of data daily and will therefore expose themselves to fatal risks if no efficient compliance strategy is in place. The risks faced by organizations have multiple consequences, such as:

  • Fines and bad publicity caused by GPDR breach
  • Lack of compliance evidence for internal and external regulators
  • Loss of trade secrets and customer/sales data

The consequences of these risks can have immense impact on organizations. Compliance and Information Protection should therefore always follow effective compliance governance.

Our approach

At VENZO we offer tailored solutions created for your entire journey towards compliance. This approach allows us to act as end-to-end partner for your organization. We can assist your organization whether it is at the start of the journey, or already has made progress towards a sustainable compliance. In this way VENZO can always stay relevant for your organization as a compliance partner.

Discovery Service

A solution that offers organizations aovervieof organizations' unstructured data, whether it is in the cloud or on-premises. VENZO outlines where your data is located, who that has access to it, and how it is protected.

Implementation & Advisory

Our service give the control of your data back to your organizationBased on the advisory of VENZO, we together create a framework towards robust compliance governance policies ready to be implemented.

Compliance Control

We document and map your compliance and  information protection governance policiesBy implementing Compliance Control, VENZO help your organization ensure that it lives its compliance policies, and is not just a written paper.

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