Kalmarunionen once again secures 1st Place in ASIS CTF, in VENZO’s Copenhagen offices.

Kalmarunionen demonstrated remarkable prowess, outsmarting and outperforming some of the world’s best Capture The Flag (CTF) teams to secure their 2nd consecutive win and their 3rd overall triumph in this competition.

Competing against 1102 other CTF teams from different parts of the world, Kalmarunionen’s victory is not just a testament to an incredibly skilful team. It also puts our many Danish cybersecurity talents in the global spotlight.


The ASIS CTF competition is a Jeopardy-style CTF where the problems are organized in categories like general security information (Trivia), web hacking, modern cryptography, exploit, forensics, reverse engineering, and others. The next task in chain can be opened only after a team solves the previous task. A famous example of a Jeopary-style CTF is the Defcon CTF quals in Las Vegas.

It’s a battleground where teams from around the globe face off in a series of tasks and challenges, testing their knowledge, skills, and innovative approaches. The CTF fosters innovation, learning, and cooperation, contributing significantly to global cybersecurity advancements.

A shared commitment to security excellence

VENZO has sponsored Kalmarunionen since the team’s inception, and for VENZO it’s not just about sponsorship; it’s about sharing a commitment to nurture and uplift the Danish pool of security talents. We are honoured to host and support a team of such caliber.

We remain committed to fostering an environment that encourages learning, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in digital security, and we look forward to witnessing more groundbreaking achievements from Kalmarunionen and its team members in the future.



For more information about VENZO’s security services and solutions, reach out to Kenneth Weber Andersen, kwe@venzo.com