The challenge

ISS employs a diverse workforce of more than 400.000 people, both white and blue-collar, located across the globe. And much of the work is not done on ISS locations, but remotely, wherever the client needs them. ISS therefore operates a very mobile workforce.

For these reasons it has become an increasingly complex task to manage all ISS devices, to ensure that they are compliant with company policies, and secure.

ISS chose VENZO as their partner in designing, configuring, and maintaining a new and modern endpoint management model, that matches these complex needs.

Our approach

At VENZO we co-create. Because two-way exchange beats one-way selling. We therefore sought to include ISS as much as possible in the design and planning of the service. We conducted our analysis of the ISS issues based on workshops held with ISS technicians, and after having pinned out the critical points, we gathered with ISS technicians once again to start designing the solution together.

Before implementation, VENZO tested the solution design in four ISS countries to obtain a proof of concept (PoC). After successful testing, the solution was implemented in all the countries in scope. VENZO was of course present and highly available during all stages of adoption, ensuring trust and confidence in the solution, both at headquarters and locally.

After successful implementation, the specialized VENZO Operations team took over and continues to assist in the daily operations, support and maintenance of the new solution.

The result

Due to the complex nature of the ISS organization, we agreed and decided to extend the device management configuration to include mobile devices, tablets, and shared PCs. To achieve this objective, VENZO advised and configured the full Microsoft Endpoint Manager solution, including Configuration Manager, Azure AD, and Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection.

These configurations served multiple benefits for ISS and their employees. Among these are:

  • A centrally enforced compliance baseline for security on all devices.
  • An improved and aligned end-user experience across the entire organization
  • Compatibility with all major operating systems in operation (Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Optimization of self-service capabilities supporting user productivity, such as autonomous download of white-listed software
  • Improvement of the on-boarding process for new employees joining ISS
  • Optimized IT Asset life cycle
  • Greater efficiency when updating clients (Windows 10 versions), packaging, and deploying of third-party software, patching of vulnerabilities, and applying critical hotfixes.

ISS, a leading workplace experience and facility management company, provides placemaking solutions that contribute to better business performance and makes life easier, more productive and enjoyable – delivered to high standards by people who care.

For more information about Modern Endpoint Management by VENZO, please contact

Søren Sönnichsen
IT Infrastructure Architect
+45 2843 9503