Our ecosystem

We are organised as an ecosystem of autonomous teams.

We are experts in areas that are fundamental to the success of any digital transformation.

Each VENZO team is specialised in specific disciplines within design thinking, business consulting, data, and technology.

Our teams work in cross-disciplinary groups, bringing together a diverse set of minds, skills and experience, to address our customers’ challenges.

Our customers get access to our ecosystem during their transformation journey.

VENZO_ analytics

  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analytics
  • Process Mining
  • Data Automation

We help organizations leverage their data and extract insight through Data Visualization.

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  • Digital Strategy and transformation roadmap
  • Business Process Excellence
  • Modern change management
  • Large project management
  • Regulations & Compliance

“We are pragmatic problem solvers who are passionate about people and organizations, and focused on reducing complexity and driving fast benefits.”

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  • Digital Integration Hub
  • Implementation Runway
  • Governance
  • Implementation

We are dedicated to enable integrations across all domains and technology platforms.

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  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Modern Architecture
  • Cloud-Scale Software Development
  • Integration Services
  • Agile & DevOps

“Our data scientists and software engineers help our customers with their AI roadmap and innovative software solutions.”

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  • 24/7/365 Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Applications & Cloud Infrastructure Support
  • Cloud Optimization, Automation

“We provide cloud-first managed services with deep, embedded experience from both traditional and modern IT.”

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  • Identity Governance & Administration
  • Privileged Identity/Access Management
  • Emergency Response
  • Rent a hacker
  • Security Analytics Center

“We are cyber security experts, and offer a unique combination of deep IAM & Security Analytics competencies.”

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  • Design thinking
  • Design-led strategy
  • Strategic prototyping
  • Design sprints

“Our design strategists help our customers figure out how to design experiences where technology meets human desires.”

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  • Modern Work Advisory and MS Teams Adoption
  • Modern Endpoint Management
  • Advanced Microsoft Security
  • Azure Transformation and Automation
  • Office 365

“We are a leading and award-winning provider of modern and secure Microsoft IT solutions and services.”

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  • S4/HANA
  • SAP Organizational Change Management
  • SAP Project Management
  • SCM Business Processes

“We shape our clients’ core supply chain processes, enabling them to achieve their goals and prepare for future challenges.”

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  • Onboarding Management
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Vendor Assessment & Selection
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Strategic HR Advisory

“We are passionate people-centric consultants who offers specialized consultancy and advisory within the HR domain”.

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  • Co-creating digital strategies and implementation roadmaps
  • Consolidating innovation opportunities within restricted government budgets
  • Establishing organizational prerequisites for digital transformation
  • Performing project- and program management in complex environments
  • Designing data management journeys from the current digital estate

“With deep sector and technology insights we support public and healthcare organizations create value and ensure long term gains from digitization with a humancentric approach”.

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