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We help you manage your organization's digital identities and access rights by implementing a secure identity solution that embraces your complex infrastructure across apps, users and devices.

Recognizing the importance of identity security in an everchanging world

During the past years, organizations all over the world have accelerated their digital transformation of workspaces to enable a remote workforce. Traditionally, employees used a desktop computer at the corporate offices to carry out their daily works. Nowadays, employees rather make use of a variety of different devices – some company-managed, others personally owned – and work from a variety of locations – the office, their home, a café etc. As such, the traditional office is no longer sufficient.

In combination, these factors challenge IT departments across all sectors and sizes in finding effective and secure ways to control identity and access across all users and digital resources. The classical firewall and fixed workstation is no longer a viable solution on its own – rather, organizations need to think of security in a completely new way. In that way, employees’ productivity can be increased with secure and seamless access to all apps.


At VENZO, we believe it’s possible to honor the employee demand for flexibility, while still maintaining and constantly improving security to help combat the rising digital threat landsscape.

Our approach

We do not only focus on the outer security perimeters, but assume that everything is breached – also known as Zero Trust. We consider and understand your complex infrastructure from a modern IT security perspective, and focus on Identity & Access Management to protect identities and secure access to resources.

By utilizing a combination of modern, advanced cloud technology in a hybrid consolidation with existing classical on-premises infrastructure, we achieve a secure and flexible platform that covers the all the requirements across the various departments in your organization.

We also offer general Identity and Access Management services. Whether it is with assessment, implementation, optimization, support, or compliance – we guide and support you all the way.

What are the right steps to take in your security journey?


Our favorite technologies

Azure Active Directory (AD)

Syncing from the on-premises Active Directory, Azure AD extends your identity library to the cloud. By integrating all your apps with Azure AD, employees gain more convenient and secure working from home experiences, while your organization preserve its valuable resources.

Privileged Access Management (PIM)

When administrators require elevated privileges to manage the IT infrastructure, it is paramount that we do not rely on the traditional way of thinking of admin accounts. We always assume that “everything is breached” and act accordingly. With PIM, we limit the time and access to only the absolute needs and hence, downscale the attach surface.

Conditional Access (CA)

Through the use of conditional access, every sign-in attempt is analyzed from a wide variety of factors - eg. the physical device, its health- and security risk, the origin and risk of the sign-in itself, including whether it resembles the routines of the user etc. These advanced analytics allow for a holistic analysis of every sign-in attempt, while minimally interrupting the users.

Access Reviews

Let us be honest: reviewing the access of external collaborators and internal resource owners is neither fun nor easy. With Access Reviews to automate this process you always keep your identity library up to date and it reflects the actual needs of your organization. In turn, this helps lower the attach surface for malicious intruders.

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