Learn how to effectively ramp up your digital workforce, powered by Intelligent Automation

Imagine a worker who doesn’t get tired after crunching documents for 3 weeks straight and gets it right every time. Providing you with rich information, enabling effective decision-making, while leaving only meaningful work for its human colleagues. Intelligent Automation (IA) software is defined as software that automates tasks currently performed by a human or can be seen as your co-worker’s smart assistant.


The aim with Intelligent Automation is to empower employees by creating meaningful smart assistants


The triple win effect of Intelligent Automation

IA is more than cost reduction. We see organizations experience not only one or two but multiple benefits from their Intelligent Automation investments. This is called the triple win effect. Typically, organisations boost value across both shareholder, customer and employee vectors.


Webinar focus

In this webinar, we will go through our proven method for spotting automation potential, by considering the 8 types of waste in LEAN combined with the IA toolkit. We will share our take on how you effectively ramp up your Digital workforce, use case by use case, while staying in control, just as you are for your human workforce, by building solid foundation.  To prove the potential, we will share some inspiring case examles of how we have helped clients to ripe the benefits.


Intelligent automation helps re-imagine the relationship between humans and robotic technologies



  • Why should you pay attention?
  • Spotting the potential
  • Ramping up you digital workforce, use case by use case
  • Cases from the IA toolbox
  • Demo of the IA toolbox available in Power Platform


Event dates

April 8 2021 9:00 am to 9:45
April 15 2021 9:00 am to 9:45


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Søren Christian Søndergaard Poulsen
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Mads Mikkelsen
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