Dear Reader,

In this issue, we cover topics that are close to our business, relevant for you and that we just had to tell you about. We hope you find some inspiration in our curated round-up, in the light and down-to-earth tone you know from us.

Our article Through the eyes of a student assistant is all about a theme that we invest quite a lot of energy in: Talent development. Market reports repeatedly write about missing capacity within information an IT security, so we feel obligated to do whatever we can to inspire more young people for the industry. We talk to students about what it is like to work in cybersecurity, both for the CyberSkills initiatives and Girls in IT. We also invite interns like Filip into our teams and give them an opportunity to try themselves in the field – in real life. Give his story a read!

We hope to inspire many more to choose a career within cyber and also encourage other companies to do the same, so we together with the community can improve the capacity challenge.

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