VENZO is a diverse workplace with a unique culture that combines professional ambition with a friendly, fun, and relaxed start-up vibe.


Reasons why you should consider joining us.

Fun is a priority

Victor Borge famously said that laughter is the shortest distance between people. He was right. You’ll have to hide in a basement with no internet connection in order to not meet a smile, a bad joke, an ironic remark or a silly GIF during a typical workday. We can’t help it.

We believe in balance

We are hard-working, but we also value personal freedom, flexibility and a good life balance highly. Many of us have families, and VENZO represents all imaginable hobbies. Both family and hobbies are important. It’s all part of what makes us whole, energised humans – and inspiring colleagues!

We dream bigger

We want to be the best at what we do and adapt quickly to new developments. We want to challenge you, and we want to be challenged by you. We prioritise knowledge sharing and professional development, and we welcome new ideas and ambition.

We are a diverse family

We welcome diversity, and believe in equal opportunity for all, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion, educational background, or physical handicap.

Open positions
VENZO_ tech, data & cloud solutions

Cloud Solution Architect / Azure specialist

Don't see an open position that fits your profile?

Don’t worry! VENZO is growing fast, and we are always looking for good people within our many different business areas. So please send your CV and a short mail to, and let’s get in touch!