Meeting Room Experiences

We modernize your organization’s meeting facilities and -culture, with best-in-class devices, adoption training, and proven techniques for modern meeting experiences.

Are you prepared for a new meeting culture?

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced most employees to work remotely from their personal homes. As offices are slowly opening again, we need to discover new ways of collaborating and rethink office spaces. According to Microsoft, 88% of leaders expect a more hybrid way of working in the longer-term. This places greater demands on the working spaces and their devices.

Meeting rooms are no longer intended solely for physical meetings, but should accomodate for hybrid activities with both remote and in-person participants. To establish efficient and seamless collaboration across locations, an upgrade of meeting room facilities and onboarding of employees are essential elements.

We implement human-centric, integrated solutions

We can help your organization to unlock the power of meeting rooms and advise you through the whole process – from implementing the equipment to changing cultures. In that way, we can efficiently and succesfully provide you with a solution that matches your needs, requirements and meeting culture.

Envision the future

We assess your current solution, observe your meeting culture and inspire you to discover all your opportunities through our showroom. Together, we define what should be considered best practice for using Teams Meeting Room in your organization.

Configure the devices

We have partnered up with a leading supplier of meeting room devices, who are experts in advising in and configuring devices. Our own specialists ensure that they match your organization's technical environment and are properly handed over to your own IT staff.

Onboard employees

With qualified adoption training, we can empower your organization to get the most out of your meetings. We can take your meeting experiences to the next level and help modernize your meeting culture throughout the whole organization.

Maintain value

We find it essential to continuously update your solutions as new updates arrive and technologies develop. Therefore, we continously track updates and revisit needs and requirements to ensure that they remain fulfilled.

Let your devices become an integrated part of your in-person and hybrid collaboration

Activate virtual collaboration

Interactive whiteboards - like a Microsoft Surface Hub - allow you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Draw directly on the screen, share your canvas live with all participants, and save your work to easily continue on your work later.

Project whiteboard drawings in real-time

Devices like a Huddly Canvas uses AI to enhance your whiteboard drawings by hiding people, boost marker colors and remove gloss and shadows. This allow you to use whiteboards in video meetings.

Start meetings with one click

Avoid the hassle of connecting your PC to the screen through cables, but instead use a device like Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub to quickly start and control the meeting, and all your other meeting room devices.

Enhance meetings with cameras

Make your conference calls and video meetings come alive with high quality cameras that move with the meeting participants. Connect your rally cameras or audio/video bars to your meeting room screens.

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