The Special Feature of Denmark’s Microsoft Partner Pledge

This year, we signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge with all our colleagues across VENZO. The Microsoft partner Pledge is a promise to walk the walk on issues that are important to us, and challenges the Pledgers to champion tangible initiatives, be accountable in bi-annual Partner Pledge Summits and lead societal change. We are excited about our commitment and looking into the terms of the Pledge, we found something that caught our eye:

The contents of the Microsoft Partner Pledge differ from country to country, at least here in the Nordics. The core set of values is:

  1. Digital Skills (for Jobs): Committing to furthering and ensuring the digital skills not only on our own team, but also across our communities and societies.
  2. Sustainability: Committing to promoting sustainability and taking tangible actions to reduce carbon footprints and prevent other wasteful behaviour.
  3. Responsible and ethical AI: Committing to ensuring that Artificial Intelligence is both ethical and responsible in development and application.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion: Committing to champion diversity and inclusion in our communities and across our broader society.

Some countries exclusively have those four core values as commitments of their Microsoft Partner Pledge. This includes the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. Now this is where it gets fun – many countries have a fifth category, but they tend to be more specific to the region. Germany has an additional focus on strengthening the German economy through innovation for mid-sized businesses and German core industries like automotive and manufacturing. Switzerland has an added focus on Apprenticeship.

And Denmark, well…

  1. Cyber Security: Committing to collaboration against the high threats in cyber security and cyber espionage.

We could, of course, not be happier that all our Danish Microsoft Partner Peers join us in this effort for a better future in cyber security by signing the Partner Pledge with all of us at VENZO. As Microsoft Gold Partners in Security, we can’t help being a little proud to have our home country recognized for its strength and potential in this area that we are so passionate about.

Have your IT partners signed the Danish Microsoft Partner Pledge?

Read more about the Danish Microsoft Partner Pledge here.

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