Advanced Threat Protection

Using Microsoft's Defender stack, VENZO minimize your organization's risks for cyber attacks and help combat the threats that your are exposed to.

Are you lacking visibility and guidance on how to stop ever emerging cyber attacks?

Stopping cyber-attacks across modern platforms and systems has become an increasingly crucial task and priority for organizations, as the attacks are increasingly targeted, stealthy, and persistent. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions from Microsoft take a proactive approach to security by identifying and eliminating advanced threats before data is compromised. At VENZO, we offer a complete ATP solution tailored to the risks and threats that your organization experiences and is exposed to.

The consequences of risk faced by organizations if a cyber-attack occurs have multiple consequences such as:

  • Disruption of your ability to run business critical operations
  • Stolen corporate information
  • Loss of customers and therefore reduction in profits

The consequences can have an immense impact on your organization. Having a Advanced Threat Protection solution is therefore pivotal for any organization to avoid these scenarios.


At VENZO we offer a tailored threat protection solution¬† aligned with your organization’s security journey and goals. We are equipped and skilled to serve as a end-to-end partner for your organization. We assist your organization whether you are at the beginning of you security journey, or already have made progress towards a full advanced threat protection solution. In this way, VENZO always stay relevant for your organization as a security partner.

Our service consists of three phases:


We provide your organization an overview of your current risk level and possible improvements to be made regarding the current threat protection setup. Using our experiences and expertise, we outline which attack vectors you are exposed to and the tools required to remediate theme.

Implementation & Advisory

We deliver a complete implementation plan aligned to your needs, as determined by the assessment. Together with your organization, we define and create security baselines to ensure that your threat level is reduced and the general security is hardened. Throughout the entire process, we provide advisory and technical assistance.

Ongoing review and transition to MDR

In order to keep up with the ever changing security landscape, we provide an ongoing review of the implemented tools and establish a smooth transition into Managed Detection and Response (MDR). In that way, you gain the highest value from your security tools.

How can we help?

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