Through the eyes of a student assistant

Filip Walczysko is originally one of our interns who turned student assistant extraordinaire, and whose persistence, drive, and excitement to learn has charmed us. As a regular in our Security Analytics Center, he has a fresh perspective on what it is like to join a real job as a security specialist.

My road to getting there

I joined the Security Analytics Center as a 3- month period internship in March 2022 to work on product development. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to transitioned into a student assistant position.

As a computer science student with a passion for cybersecurity, I was looking for a relevant position as a student assistant or internship for some time. One of the obstacles I faced was the unwillingness of companies to give the ‘unexperienced’ a chance to show their dedication and abilities.

That was, until I wrote to VENZO was asked to come for an interview at VENZO_ cyber security. This single chance has left me feeling like I can become a cyber security professional and consequently the opportunity to prove that I have what it needs to succeed as one. It was incredibly motivating.

I learned a lot working on my internship project and had a lot of fun doing it! The internship time went by astonishingly quickly.

My Take-away

This story is not that much about me and my accomplishments, but rather about the one opportunity that I was given. That one meeting, one interview, one moment where I have been recognized and seen as a potential asset for the company.

VENZO is all about inclusivity and opportunities given. I am not the first intern turned student assistant that they employed, and I am sure I will not be the last one.

I hope I with my story can inspire others that dream of working within Cyber that if they use their passion and dedication there are lots of opportunities and I hope that other companies will follow an example like that – it costs very little and gives so much.


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