New partnership with CluedIn positions VENZO to provide cutting-edge solutions for managing and improving data quality

VENZO and CluedIn are excited to announce our new partnership.

Our collaboration brings together VENZO’s expertise in modern Microsoft Azure data platforms and building data culture within organizations, with CluedIn’s innovative Master Data Management (MDM) and data integration platform.

With the growing demand for automation and the adoption of AI/ML in enterprise applications, the partnership is well-positioned to help organizations connect data projects with tangible business outcomes. CluedIn has reinvented how enterprises prepare data to deliver business insights with its unique zero-modeling, schemaless approach to Master Data Management. Most recently, the company became the first MDM to integrate with Azure OpenAI, further empowering business users to use data for business impact.

Together, we’re ready to drive change and deliver results for our clients,” said Mikkel Riis, Partner & Director, Cloud Platform & Data at VENZO. “Our partnership will empower businesses to unlock the full potential of their data and accelerate their data-driven initiatives.”

Tim Ward, CEO at CluedIn added, “We’re delighted to be partnering with VENZO at such an exciting time. The potential for businesses to harness the power of their data is huge, but the challenge has always been demonstrating how that supports strategic business priorities. Our modern MDM platform, combined with VENZO’s deep expertise, will allow more businesses to delight customers, remain competitive and innovate for future growth.

Contact VENZO to learn more about the partnership and how we’re driving data-driven innovation:
Mikkel Riis, Partner, Director Cloud Platform & Data | | +45 6148 5070