Automation & AI

Are your business operations fully automated and data-driven?

Are your business operations fully automated and data-driven?

Take full advantage of the breakthroughs in AI and gain insights that yield better and faster decisions with the latest data, analytics and automation technologies.

Every organization has digital or physical business processes that could be automated and improved. VENZO helps our clients transform through automation and better processes, actionable analytics & predictive algorithms, and the latest data hub and fabric technologies.

Together, we can reap the potential benefits of a fully automated and data-driven business excellence model for your organization:

  • Improve competitiveness and cost efficiency through lower operating costs, faster ROI, better planning, increased production output, and increasing the productivity and efficiency of the organization as a whole
  • Stay in control of data and the quality of your business processes and applications
  • Save time and improve customer and employee experiences with automated business processes
  • Predict future developments and maintenance with advanced analytics and intelligent insights
  • Scale up business operations with better integration of existing technologies and increased system versatility
  • Accelerate the development of future customer and employee interactions with the latest intelligent cloud services.

Our Automation & AI services

Automation and Processes

Get things done through automation and create a culture of innovation with inclusive technology that help you realize untapped value previously inaccessible.

With the Power Platform we can build powerful, automated end-to-end business solutions that drive innovation across your entire organization. Increase agility with low-code apps in Microsoft PowerApps, automate organizational processes with Power Automate, analyze data with Power BI and create chatbots with Power Virtual Agents—all accessible from Microsoft Teams, or integrated into your business collaboration software of choice.

VENZO also enables customers to take advantage of app innovation without operational overhead, with our Power Platform Operations offering. This ensures platform compliance, proper lifecycle management, and high availability.

Actionable Analytics and Predictive Algorithms

Change the way you think of data through our unified analytics and data science practice where we turn insights into breakthroughs, and make data-driven decisions with more confidence.

AI is set to augment nearly every aspect of human-to-machine interaction and power the next level of automation, both for consumers and businesses.

Generative models and next-generation simulations can help you identify inefficiencies and opportunities for innovation.

By simulating different scenarios, VENZO can help your organization test new ideas and approaches without incurring the costs and risks associated with real-world experimentation.

Data Hub and Fabric

Looking to build a more agile and scalable future for your business? Look no further than Data Hub and Fabric.

With seamless integrated data connections and best practices in DevOps, you can accelerate digital innovation by connecting services and data sources across any infrastructure or platform.

Fabric offers intelligent data quality without the need for physical integration, while Data Hub is designed specifically for mature companies and organizations.

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