Digital Life & Cloud

Does your digital foundation support the optimal user experience?

Does your digital foundation support the optimal user experience?

Enable your employees with productivity anywhere and deliver seamlessly connected, scalable and secure applications.

We are experts in Microsoft 365 and Azure, and help clients with successfully implementing and taking advantage of Modern Work, innovative enterprise applications, data and application platforms, as well as hybrid architecture and IoT.

Some of the many benefits of partnering with VENZO to develop and implement a modern, secure cloud-native setup for both users and applications are:

  • Higher productivity and user satisfaction, by giving users the ability to work securely anywhere and anytime, on any device, with fewer limitations.
  • Robust security measures and built-in disaster recovery capabilities, you can be confident that your business is protected from threats both internal and external.
  • Leveraging low code/pro code apps and services, so your business can become more agile and responsive to changing needs, without sacrificing security or scalability.
  • The ability to adopt and build on modern cloud solutions to provide deep insights and secure, scalable architectures.
  • 15 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Microsoft roadmaps.

Our Digital Life & Cloud Services

Modern Work

Supercharge productivity and empower your users to work securely anywhere and anytime, on any device.

VENZO can help your organization maximize productivity, security, mobility, creativity, collaboration, and automation by properly configuring the foundations of a modern workplace.

We can also help ensure optimal use and adoption of the newest technologies such as Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365), Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Power Platform, Endpoint Manager (Intune + Configuration Manager), Microsoft Graph, Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Viva (incl. Viva Connections, Insights, Learning, and Topics), so you can stay ahead of the game in a fast-changing digital landscape.

App Innovation and Software as a Service

Benefit from cloud-native platforms and focus on what matters by leveraging both “low code” and “pro code” apps and services for the business.

VENZO can help your organization take advantage of Microsoft Power Apps, enabling you to rapidly build and deploy applications, automate processes, and streamline workflows, without hiring an army of developers or investing in expensive custom development projects. This can help your business become more agile and responsive to changing needs, and reduce costs associated with custom development.

Additionally, we can help integrate applications with other services and tools, allowing your business to easily connect applications to other systems and data sources.

We also have a team of professional developers helping customers with custom, and highly innovative apps for specific use cases, as well as Software as a Service.

Data and Application Platforms

By adopting and building on modern cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, your organization can gain deep insights into your data, while also benefiting from secure, scalable architectures that can support growth and innovation. Additionally, Azure provides a range of services and tools that can help you increase productivity, streamline workflows, and improve collaboration and communication across teams.

VENZO can help with identifying the specific needs of your business and how cloud solutions like Azure can address them, taking into consideration data storage and management, application development and deployment, security and compliance, and scalability.

We can also help plan and design your Azure architecture, build and deploy (including virtual machines, networks, storage, and applications), monitor and optimize, and continuously improve the environment.

Trusted Hybrid Architecture and IoT

A hybrid architecture and IoT offer businesses a range of benefits, from improved scalability and flexibility to reduced costs and increased innovation. By adopting these technologies, businesses can improve their operations, optimize their performance, and drive growth and success in the digital age.

VENZO helps customers scale their IT infrastructure and applications according to their needs, without incurring the costs and complexity of managing everything on-premises. IoT devices, meanwhile, allow businesses to collect and analyze data from a wide range of sources, including sensors, machines, and other devices, enabling them to gain insights into their operations and optimize their performance.

A hybrid architecture and IoT can also help reduce costs by using resources more efficiently, including storage, computing power, and network bandwidth. By optimizing their operations and automating routine tasks, businesses can also reduce their staffing costs and improve their overall productivity and bandwidth for innovation, creating new opportunities, new business models and laying the grounds for growth and competitive advantage.

How can we help?

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