Our philosophy

We execute with the precision of corporate at the speed of a start-up.

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Our ecosystem

We are an ecosystem of diverse teams made up of passionate people.

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Our teams

We organise small.
To deliver big.

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Our manifesto

Guiding principles for everything we do at VENZO.

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Our story

Founded in 2007 by enthusiasts passionate about technology.

We have always started new companies and tried out new ideas. Some initiatives have worked well, others not so much. But we have learned a lot and still do. This is the start-up culture and values VENZO is built on.

Over time, we have transformed and disrupted our own business to remain relevant to our customers. And we are happy to pass on this experience to everyone we work with.

Our philosophy

Coming from a start-up background, we pride ourselves on being agile and able to make fast decisions, close to our customers.

But as we have grown over time, we have come to appreciate the value of a stable backbone, to rely on.

Start-ups are typically very fast and adaptive, whereas large corporations tend to be more robust and stable. But both is required to run a thriving business.

Agility goes hand in hand with stability. This dialectical belief is fundamental to how we operate our business in VENZO.

Our ecosystem

We are an ecosystem of diverse teams made up of passionate people.

We are experts in areas that are fundamental to the success of any digital transformation.
Each VENZO team is specialized in specific disciplines within advisory, tech and security.

Our teams work in cross-disciplinary groups, bringing together a diverse set of minds, skills and experience, to address our customers’ challenges.

Our customers get access to our ecosystem during their transformation journey.


Our manifesto is a set of guiding principles for everything we do at VENZO and represents the core set of values and behaviours we share across our company.​


We organise small.To deliver big.


We prioritise relations.Over transactions. Always.


We don't give answers.Unless we explore questions first.


We see the future being radically digital.But also radically human.


We sprint.To achieve more. And risk less.


We believe that principles rule.Rules don't.


We also believe in laughter.As the shortest distance between people.


We co-create.Diversity beats solo genius.


We invest in our social license to operate.Working for the greater good.


We believe in graceful defeat.But return strengthened to fight again.

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