At VENZO Business Consulting, we love to solve problems.

We are passionate about people and organisations and seek to drive long term impact. We share our knowledge and experience with our customers by applying a pragmatic approach to best practices. We bring projects and solutions to life through successful management and implementation.

Our services

All our services are built on a fundamental belief that we can reduce complexity while achieving fast benefits.


Potential arises when you transform information into knowledge. VENZO enables you to formulate your strategic direction so you can reach the desired business objectives.

Data qualification

We believe knowledge is crucial. By understanding the value of a single element together with a holistic perspective. We can help organizations transform data into comprehensive strategies.

Digital strategy

Achieve your organization's goals via digital transformation. We ensure a solid strategic plan and help you throughout the journey.

Regulations & compliance

Being in control of both your business processes and behavior in accordance to regulations can have a real impact on your business. We can help you understand and map the dataflow through your organization.


The best solutions emerge in a co-creation environment with clients. We use proven methodologies to make tangible optimizations and automation to your business.

Design Thinking

In surroundings that continuously changes, it's crucial to develop and refine solutions. We can help you systemize your innovation process with a human-centric mindset that ensures the right solutions for your business in the center of an agile approach.

Business Process Excellence

We bridge the GAP between the actual process and the desired business processes by improving the way you create and deliver value to your clients.


Framework dealing with the four processes Service Request, Incident, Problem and Change Management within the ITIL standard. These processes help organizations to stabilize their operational IT operations and ensure documentation as well as consistency in the way IT changes are ordered or executed.

Life Cycle Management

At VENZO, we have developed an approach to provide an in-dept depiction of your IT Infrastructure Lifecycles. Hence, we provide insights into your IT risk levels and needed initiatives to decrease these.


Readiness to organizational transformation comes through close collaboration with users. Our approach and experience, secures user buy-in, and high-level of change adaptation with minimum impact on business productivity.

Stakeholder Involvement

Stakeholders around a project can be vital for its success. How and when those stakeholder should be involved can be essential for the business transformation. Our approach involve and manage stakeholders and help the, understand, accept and commit to the change.

Digital Learning

Training increases the level and pace of technology adoption and helps minimize the gap created by the digital transformation. It can help create a familiarity with the new world.

Change Communication

Communication helps to ensure the success of any project or program. A structured approach helps create employee Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance, and Commitment.

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