We deliver the future of IT operations

We provide automated and actionable cloud-native monitoring of all your cloud assets, allowing you to focus on building and running your core business. From availability and performance to governance and updates, our 24/7 OPS team has your back. 

What we do

We help you take advantage of seamless modern cloud-ops and monitoring to deliver business-critical services and scalability.

Our services

Our team of certified cloud experts provide you an end-to-end cloud journey by offering cloud strategy, cloud migration and 24/7/365 enterprise IaaS and PaaS cloud operations.


Unleash innovation and growth

Empower your organization to innovate and grow through simplified access to compliant and validated cloud architectures and services.

Automated on-boarding of compliant architectures and app delivery solutions combined with access to a rich portfolio of skills and capabilities across IaaS, PaaS, app/dev, and data management to assist on your cloud journey.


Protect your assets and your organization (Sleep well, knowing your assets are secure)

Run your infrastructure, devices, and apps on secure, well-architected, and up-to-date architectures managed by VENZO.

Take advantage of modern cloud-native monitoring and metrics without building in-house skills or custom dashboards and alerts. Stay compliant across clients and endpoints – from on-boarding new devices to imaging, policies, updates and packet creation, maintenance, and roll-out.


Deliver optimal user experiences

Ensure the optimal user experience with 24/7 monitoring and proactive scaling and management of your apps, content, and end-user resources.

Improve availability and performance of apps and content using actionable performance metrics, and VENZO managed scalability. Provide flexible workspace with managed Windows Virtual Desktops. VENZO monitors and manages the underlying Azure infrastructure, as well as the associated M365 stack.


Manage and control your spending

Maximize your cloud investment with actionable cost and spending insights using our advanced VENZO Azure Cost Dashboard.

Save cost with rightsizing and tuning of apps and infra-availability to usage and consumption patterns. Optimize your operations through granular insights into Azure utilization and cost. Continuously monitoring for spending anomalies and IT budget sprawl allows simple identification of consumption sources for easy allocation, internal invoicing, and governance.

How can we help?

For any questions regarding our services or how we can help with the above, please reach out to Mikkel Riis at +45 6148 5070 or mri@venzo.com.

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