Driving People tech transformation empowering you to win the marketplace via a high-performing workplace.

We offer specialized consultancy within the People tech domain and lead digital change with a sleeves-up attitude and a passion for a human-centric, data-driven, and secure digital future.

Acknowledging that employees are the backbone and essential assets for an organization, we focus on advising and helping organizations select and implement best-fit People tech solutions to ensure an increased and optimized employee experience resulting in a high-performance.

Just like a puzzle, each piece are unique and have to fit perfectly to the rest to complete the desired design, why our services are specially tailored to each of our clients.

Meet the team

Hanne Hjortshøj


Very experienced advisory profile bridging technical, HR and adoption topics. With a background across numerous implementations and advisory projects, Hanne is dedicated to enable clients in selecting and implementing best fit People Tech solutions.

Daniel Nielsen

Senior Consultant

Experienced and people-centric consultant with a dedicated focus on HR Tech and benefit realization. Daniel is driven by assisting clients via broad advisory and proven implementation skills and has a natural interest in technology centered around Employee Experience.

Tobias Glad


Been working in the HR tech space his whole career. Experienced as a HR Tech Lead and Implementation manager and takes a holistic approach in translating strategy into operation and securing benefit realization for the customers.

Julie Haubro


Experienced HR lead from start-up/scale-up organizations eager to assist clients on their digitalization journey. Has worked with project management on several tech solutions focusing on HR processes, employee engagement and leadership development.

Emil Reinholdt


Consultant with expertise in employee engagement and employee experience tools. With strong analytical capabilities, Emil enables clients to optimize their human capital, fostering employee thriving and creates value for organizations through innovative people tech solutions.

Christoffer Smith

Student Assistant

People-centric student assistant, experienced with client dialogues, sales and marketing. Currently gaining experience within organizational change, change management and employee experience tools, in order to assist clients with implementation and transformation.

Bob Implementation Partner

Implementing the modern, intuitive, and data-driven HR platform, Bob, that empowers businesses with a range of powerful tools, including out-of-the-box onboarding, streamlined workflows, workforce planning, performance management, compensation management, and much more

We cover the full transformation, enablement packages, implementation project overview, change manage strategy and individual implementation support and data filtering.

Contact Julie on juh@venzo.com for more information.


A match made in heaven partnership with our great friend Bob.

Together, we combine expertise in People tech advisory with modern technology, enabling organizations to create exceptional employee experiences, boost productivity, and foster long-term engagement and retention.

We ensure an implementation process that encounter every aspect of your organization and are designed to suit your specific needs to secure an immaculate merge with the new platform, so you just don’t have another system, that employees don’t know how to use but everyone are aligned.

Contact Julie on juh@venzo.com for more information.

People tech advisory & Implementation

Right sized advisory services advising clients on their People Tech journey ensuring the perfect fit between main purpose, business value, choice and activation of the best People tech solution.

  • Strategic Assessment & Business Case
  • HR Tech Vendor Selection
  • Preparation for successful implementation
  • HR Tech Implementation

Contact Daniel on dtn@venzo.com for more information.

Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Enabling employee experience via deep domain knowledge and  project and change capabilities. Empower your people and teams to perform at their very best via the following Viva modules – all integrated into Microsoft Teams:

  • Viva Learning
  • Viva Insights & Glint
  • Viva Goals
  • Viva Topics
  • Viva Connections
  • Viva Engage

Contact Daniel on dtn@venzo.com for more information.

Microsoft Viva

Viva Engage

Giving employees a place to connect, express temselves, and find belonging. Create employee communities build around their interests, job types, departments, and everything else to find your belonging at work.

Viva Goals

Connect everyday work to strategic priorities with goal-setting, objectives, and key results (OKR) management.

Viva Connections

An employee communication platform enabling employees to stay connected, engaged and informed no matter where they work.

Viva Insights

Leverage your M365 data in combination with your organizational data and get key insights on your employee well-being and business performances.

Viva Learning

Incorporate all your learning sources into Microsoft Teams, enabling your employees to grow and develop in the flow of work.

Viva Topics

Using AI technology, you can now turn organizational content into reasonable connected knowledge making it much easier for employees to discover and use.

How can we help?

Our team is always here to help and spark a conversation on how we can help you optimize your people tech solutions, develop your business strategy via a thorough business case or how to ensure that your organization thrives in the modern workplace.

For any questions regarding our services or how we can help with the above, please reach out to Hanne Hjortshøj at +4526667431 or hho@venzo.com