The challenge

Banedanmark needed an information screen solution to display different browser-based sites and dashboards to management, employees, and office guests. More specifically, the content would range from SharePoint sites, status messages, analytical dashboards or other essential information, and should of course be easy to continuously adjust.  

The solution had to be inexpensive, but also flexible and secure. Banedanmark wanted to exploit the services they already had in place from Microsoft and prioritized keeping everything in the cloud to ensure a future-proof solution. Moreover, it was essential that the deployment was easy and quick, could be easily replicated, to add new screens, and that the screens could be continuously reconfigured through Intune scripts.  

Our approach 

In the beginning of the project, a workshop with technicians from Banedanmark and VENZO specialists ensured that the analysis and design were decided in collaboration. Before the final deployment, the setup was completed in a test environment and the implementation was carried out together to establish a proper handover. 

VENZO recommended PC hardware with a secure Windows 10 installation – installed using Windows AutoPilot and hardened with device configuration policies from Intune. The Microsoft Edge browser was used to show the desired content and was controlled by Intune Microsoft Edge policies. Using a PC for the info screen gives Banedanmark a cost-effective solution with less need for manual configurations.  

To avoid errors and fault accessibility, VENZO implemented auto-login with a restricted local user, which established possibilities for restarting PCs without manual login, as well as ensured that only a single user had access to the PC. This means that other Banedanmark users cannot accidentally (or purposely) use the information screen PC for other purposes. More importantly, local users do not get access to the rest of the Banedanmark domain.  

The solution was configured in a setup where the information screen PCs only exist in Azure AD and are not added to the Banedanmark Active Directory. 

The Result 

The PC solution helped Banedanmark amplify internal communication with a flexible and cost-efficient setup. VENZO’s solution also enables Banedanmark to reuse old computers as information screens, using existing Microsoft Cloud services. This prolongs the life of used hardware, and Banedanmark avoids having to buy dedicated screens with limit use scenarios, that need a complex configuration.  

Finally, the solution is cloud-based and integrated to Banedanmark existing infrastructure to ensure continuous adaptation to new needs, challenges, and opportunities.  

Banedanmark (BDK) is a governmental body under the Danish Ministry of Transport. Banedanmark keeps the trains on track 24 hours a day, all year round. They make sure the tracks, signals and safety systems are properly maintained, renovate the network and build new lines. They also monitor rail traffic and steer trains in and out of stations and across the entire rail network. BDK is responsible for 3,102 km of railway tracks. BDK has a staff of 2,300, with offices all over Denmark and headquarters in Copenhagen. 


For more information about the solution, please contact:

Søren Sönnichsen
Endpoint Management Lead Architect