Workplace Analytics

Our end-to-end solution for Microsoft Workplace Analytics provides you with insights to improve your organization's effectivity, well-being, culture and decision-making.

Are you looking for data-driven insights about your organization’s ways of working?

We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic instantly changed our ways of working. But do you know the impact of these changes on productivity, well-being and working culture?

Microsoft Workplace Analytics displays metrics about your organization’s ways of working. It is a structured dashboard of anonymized metadata aggregated from your systems, and presented to give you insights about your organization’s patterns of productivity, well-being, and business performance.

At VENZO, we are specialized (and certified) in configuring Workplace Analytics, transforming data to insights, and driving the associated change. We can help you implement a solution aimed for your strategic challenges, which enable you to make data-driven decisions and actions.

Dashboard: A Simple & Easy Overview

The dashboard is central to Workplace Analytics, as this is where all insights about your organization are presented. As an extension to the default pages, VENZO can help customize and develop new analyses to display your desired insights. The default pages of the dashboard with analysis and recommendations, consist the following business outcomes:

  • Enhance organizational resiliency
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Improve agility
  • Foster innovation
  • Develop effective managers
  • Enhance operational effectiveness
  • Transform meeting culture
  • Increase customer focus

VENZO provides transparency and bridge insights with your organization's strategy

Our four-step approach focuses meets your specific strategic challenges and ensures an optimal implementation.

01 Envision & Plan

We assess your situation and together we envision how Workplace Analytics can drive your decisions and answer your speculations.

02 Configure & Analyze

We process your aggregated data in a secure environment to generate data outputs, and visualize them in a simple and easy dashboard.

03 Empower

We use insights to determine the status of your strategic objectives, decisions and change initiatives, and educate your own specialists.

04 Drive Change

Together, we prioritize and implement your change management activities and track the success of your implemented change initiatives.

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